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RE: [cdt-dev] IASTInitializerList getClauses()

The literals are not represented when you create the AST with one of the options (depending on the API you are using):
Also when using the shared AST provided by the editor, the literals are not represented.
The AST Browser does not use the option when creating the AST, so the literals are there.

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Subject: [cdt-dev] IASTInitializerList getClauses()
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Dear all,

I am trying to iterate through the initializers of an array and experienceing the features of getClause().

In a declaration like
int a [2][2]={1,{2,3}};

the call of .getClause on the top level list will only return one element ({2,3}). The comment on getClause() says
"Depending on how the AST is created, trivial elements will be filtered out".
However, in the CDT AST browser, I see the IASTLiteralExpression of 1. I do not seem to be able to access it with
getChildren() either.

Any idea?

Best Regards,


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