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RE: [cdt-dev] Build Configs in Navigator


I was out, so didn't get a chance to reply to this in a timely manner, but:

> +1 for adding the Build Configurations to the Project Navigator.

Agreed, as long as the user can turn this node off as needed (via the arrow menu > Customize View).   

>  One advantage is that we could get rid of the confusing dual toolbar buttons we have now and replace them with menu items on the Configurations.

I have some questions about the functioning of the feature as you see it.  Would one config have a checkmark or some bold font to indicate the current configuration?  How do you add/remove/edit configurations in the tree?  (Does it bring up the config manager dialog?)

One way to alleviate a major bit of the confusion about configurations is to use a label decorator for the CDT C project node, showing the active configuration's name in brackets (e.g. "myProject [Debug]").  Having to hover over a button or dig into a menu or property page to find out what config you're building for is lot more confusing than the buttons themselves, IMO.

> +1 for removing the Includes
> I use it only to check the scanner discovery. But this can be 
> also done in the Project Properties (Paths and Symbols).

Well, -1 for this from me, if someone's proposing removing it completely.  It would be better to allow filtering it (via arrow > Customize View).  Currently there's no entry for the CDT elements other than Binaries and Object Files in this list (just a way to hide non-CDT elements). 

Another important use case for Includes is easily discovering and opening the header files in those paths.  Ctrl-Shift-R (Open Resource) doesn't work for the folders outside the workspace, unless you make a linked folder pointing to your SDK (yuck).  And other than adding a fake #include for some file you want and hitting F3 on it (also yuck, requiring you know the exact spelling of the file), there's no convenient way to do this.

-- Ed

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