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[cdt-dev] RE: Should we do a major version increment for DSF-GDB

Going twice...

As John mentioned, keeping API compatibility costs both effort
and code clarity.  If it will not be beneficial for people, I do not
want to 'torture' myself or patch contributors by keeping API

No one has objected yet...
I'll wait a little more, but if we do a major increment,
there is no turning back, so speak now if it will cause
you problems.

Be aware that this is not a 'carte blanche'.
We will still try to keep the APIs stable, but when
required, we would change them.

Again, this is for DSF-GDB only, not DSF.


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Should we do a major version increment for DSF-GDB
> Hi,
> recent mailing list discussions point to the fact
> that integrators starting to use DSF-GDB will
> want/need to change some aspects that would require
> efforts to keep API-compatibility.
> Are there integrators out there that already use
> DSF-GDB that would like us to try to keep
> API-compatibility with Helios?
> If no one is against it, and considering we already
> have people voting in favor, we will up the DSF-GDB 
> major version right away, to make Indigo development
> much easier.
> This is for DSF-GDB plugins only (org.eclipse.cdt.dsf.gdb*),
> not the DSF plugins.
> Thanks
> Marc
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