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Re: [cdt-dev] rebuild on close/reopen Eclipse

Could it be related to these two Eclipse preferences?

General->Startup and Shutdown'->'Refresh workspace on startup'
Workspace->'Build automatically'

Am 13/07/2010 01:56, schrieb Siva Velusamy:

We have integrated a custom toolchain (GNU based) into Eclipse 3.5&
CDT 6.0. What we notice is that when users close and re-open Eclipse,
their projects are always rebuilt even though the executables are
already there. These are projects using the MBS/external make builder.
If you just perform make outside of Eclipse, it properly reports that
nothing needs to be rebuilt, but Eclipse/CDT always cleans up the
project and then proceeds to rebuild.

Any thoughts on what could be going wrong, or starting points to investigate?


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