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Re: [cdt-dev] [DSF] FinalLaunchSequence extensibility

On 07/08/2010 09:42 AM, Vladimir Prus wrote:
On Thursday 08 July 2010 20:09:41 Mikhail Khodjaiants wrote:
The proposed solution defines the step order as API which means that
adding/removing/reordering steps can be done only for the major releases.
This is only technically correct, in that any other solution will also
require care when modifying the sequence. Suppose there's hash map from
ids to Step instances. Then, if a step is removed in a minor release,
derived classes will break. Likewise, for order changes. So, it suggests
that the sequence of steps is actually part of API for derived classes.

This is why I like the sub-sequence approach. It allows the super-class to define a new level of API for the steps, i.e. grouping of steps them into logical sets. The custom sub-class can compose the complete final launch sequence using the sub-sequences while leaving the flexibility in the base class to change the ordering within the sub-sequences. It's been pointed out that sub-classes may need to modify the sub-sequences themselves also. I think that's OK, because it would be a clear choice for the deriving class: a) re-use a sub-sequence as is and benefit from its evolution, b) replace or extend a sub-sequence and deal with maintenance costs associated with that.


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