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Re: [cdt-dev] [DSF] FinalLaunchSequence extensibility

On 07/07/2010 01:17 PM, Marc Khouzam wrote:
Maybe a better approach would be to first split FinalLaunchSequence
into multiple sub-sequences that would perform a somewhat
modular piece of work.  Maybe a subSeq to deal with 'attach'
sessions, another subSeq for 'remote' sessions, one for
loading the binary and its parameters, etc.

An overriding class could then pick and choose which set
of Steps it wants to re-use and which ones it wants to change.
It could add new sub sequences and remove others.

A subsequence would have to be modular enough that changes
made to it as bug fixes in the base class would most probably
be good changes for an overriding class.  For example, fixing
a bug in how the IP address is read for remote debugging should
be propagated to overriding classes.

I hadn't really thought about such a solution before, so I'd
like to know what you guys think.

One thing to think about when breaking up into sub-sequences is to make sure that the sub-sequences have a way to roll-back what they've done. Currently each step can be rolled back if one of the steps fails, but there's no API to roll back a whole sequence.


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