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[cdt-dev] Regarding Bug 27663

Good day,

I am Ryan Dimaunahan, a Master of Science in Computer Science student from De La Salle University Manila, and I would just like to inquire if a patch or a fix has been issued for the bug involving the order of printfs and scanfs in the console area of Eclipse. The bug I encountered basically involved the mis-ordering of scanfs and printfs, with the scanfs asking for the input first before the printfs (which were placed prior to the said scanfs) would show up. This creates problems with text based prompts, which could be problematic for those who have not used an IDE before. I am trying to develop a pedagogical tool that determines program errors by performing intention based detection, and as such, the main users for my tool are students with almost zero experience in programming.

I would have to admit that I am not well versed with the inner workings of a C Compiler, and I am just at the beginning phase of my development. I have been reading through various forums and it led me to the Bug 27663 listing, which to my understanding is the main problem behind the bug. The status says it has been resolved and/or fixed, but the CDT version does not seem to match the version that I am using. I am using CDT 7.0 which to my understanding is the latest version of CDT, as well as Eclipse Helios, which to my understanding is also the most recent version of Eclipse.

Thanks in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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