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[cdt-dev] How to investigate "Too many open files" error?


I already asked for advice on the Platform and CDT newsgroups to no avail, 
so I think I have to bother you here. :-)

I'm using eclipse-cpp-helios-linux-gtk.tar.gz (and formerly 
eclipse-cpp-galileo-SR2-linux-gtk.tar.gz) which (amongst others) contains 
the Eclipse Platform, the C/C++ IDE and the Mylin components. I'm 
experiencing "Too many open files" errors (details follow below) and I'm 
looking for a way to investigate further. Since I cannot tell which 
component creates the problem I'm seeking your advice here. If there is a 
place more appropriate where to ask please direct me to it.

After running for a few days the java process - which is only used by 
Eclipse - exhausts the allowed number of open files per process ('ulimit 
-Hn', 8192). From that time on Eclipse is unable to sensibly 'work' much 
longer and creates "Too many open files" errors in all components used. 
Using 'lsof | grep java' (last line shown here)

  java 15330 ftheinen 8191r REG 0,3 0 8804280 /proc/15330/maps

shows that about 8000 of the open file descriptors are read accesses to 
the process memory map file (lines differ in the file descriptor only). 
Using 'lsof' from time to time shows that the number of file descriptors 
increases steadily, maybe one or two per minute on average, until reaching 

How can I systematically investigate which component is creating these 
file descriptors (without having to do many time consuming experiments)?

Regards, Frank

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