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[cdt-dev] Having a Remote Application launch config type

A little before the Helios release TM's remote launch was moved to the CDT as an optional feature.
(  Let's call it an Advanced Remote Launch.
When having installed that feature, the user gets a new launch config type: "C/C++ Remote Application"
The 'problem' is that we already have a Basic Remote Launch for DSF-GDB.
The value of the Advanced one is that it will start gdbserver automatically and upload
the binary to the target.
The Basic Remote launch is part of the "C/C++ Application" launch config type as a launch delegate
and must be manually chosen by the user.  Not nice.  Especially if the user has been exposed
to a "C/C++ REmote Application" launch config type.
What I suggest is to move "C/C++ Remote Application" launch config type into main CDT, so it would
always be availble.  Then we would make the Advanced Remote Launch the default when available,
and the Basic one the default in other cases.
From a user point-of-view, they would automatically get the best available launch, depending on
what they have installed.  Much nicer.
I wanted to know if anyone was was opposed to having this fourth launch config type
permanently there?  Note that for Run mode, this new launch config type would only show when
the Advanced Remote launch is installed.  This simply starts the remote app using RSE.
I opened about this.

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