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[cdt-dev] Use CDT debugger to attach to a running process


This is related to a question I posted a while ago...

I tried the steps now, and had problem with using CDT debugger to attach a running process (gdbserver version is 7.1).  The version of CDT I used is 7.0 (probably not the final driver,  but RC3 or later driver).

Run command "gdbserver --multi :10000" on the host.  I got message "Listening on port 10000".

Create a C/C++ Attach to Application launch configuration, and click on the hyperlink at the bottom of the Main page.  Choose GDB (DSF) Attach to Process Launcher option.

Select an existing project.

Swtich to Debugger tab, and choose "gdbserver" from the Debugger drop down.  I can see the "Connection" tab now.

Switch to "Connection" tab.  Change "Type" to TCP.  Enter my host name, and the Port number, which is 10000, "Apply".  (I did not see any Connect button in this page).

Click Debug.  But I got error: "Launching new_configuration has encounter a problem.  Error while launching command: gdb --verion. "

I am not sure why the launching command is "gdb" here.  It seems to me it used the "GDB debugger" value from the main page of "Debugger" tab.  Is it the right behaviour?  Any steps I execute which are not correct here?  Thanks.


Xuan Chen,  Problem Determination Tools for IBM i
(905) 413-3769 T/L 313-3769

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