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[cdt-dev] First day download numbers

Hey gang, I'm feeling very good about the quality of stats we're
getting. We finally have numbers from the p2 repositories that give us
a full picture. Here's what I have right now after the first day:

The Eclipse package download numbers seem to be updated every few minutes.
- Eclipse C/C++ IDE - 8,124 right now and growing very quickly

These download stats are only updated at midnight each day
- From the central Helios p2 repo - 992
- From the CDT Helios p2 repo - 158
- The cdt-master zip - 238

Also, Wascana has hit 70 downloads.

By my estimate, we've had 10,000 downloads in the first 24 hours.
Pretty solid. And my dream is to hit a million. We'll see :).

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