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[cdt-dev] Query regarding CodanApplication

Hi All,

I am using CodanApplication to statically analyze the source. For this I first run headless build application to create workspace for the source folder. The org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.headlessbuild creates default workspace in the user's home directory and the CodanApplication also looks for the same directory as workspace to find project name to analyze.

Is there any way to change CodanApplication to look some other directory as workspce than the default user's home ? 

One more question is,
I am trying to get the references of a global variable through IASTTranslationUnit.getReferences() method. If the variable is used in a C type function, then its references are retrived. But if the variable is used in C++ function, then no references are retrieved. What may be the problem?

Thanks and regards,
Sanjay Gupta

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