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RE: [cdt-dev] [DSF] timeouts

Yes, I'm starting to be concerned about our lack
of 'timeout' support.

This is a question for DSF in general I believe.

Currently, most calls are asynchronous and are left to
complete whenever they do, if at all.

However, some calls are done within a synchronous DSF
Query, and executed in the UI-thread.  If any of those
don't complete, we are in trouble.  The Query class
provides with a get(long timeout, TimeUnit unit)
which we should probably use in those cases.

Outside those UI-thread cases, I believe we could
still hang a view if a command never complete and
the update.done() is never called.  Isn't that the case?


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> This is a discussion we tabled until after Helios. Maybe now is a 
> good time to return to it.
> John
> At 04:53 AM 6/23/2010, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> >Does DSF have a mechanism to timeout when a command takes too much
> >time? One case I've run into right now is failure to call done on
> >a request monitor. Another viable case is when a target is stuck
> >for whatever reason. I could not find any provisious for marking
> >an operation failed after a while -- have I missed something?
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