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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT and Friends Summit

I think it would be nice if the CDT had a provisional plan for 8.0 earlier than the Summit. Marc Khouzam already mentionned the work planned for DSF-GDB, it would be great if other components had that too. Also, a couple of months ago, I suggested to make a survey. I will look into that to help prioritize.



On 10/06/2010 9:11 AM, Marc Khouzam wrote:
I thought I would take this opportunity to mention some of the work we
are looking at for DSF-GDB for the next release:

- Full pretty-printing support (contribution from Jens)
- Full multi-process support on Linux with GDB 7.1 (contribution from Onur)
- Extended Remote Launch using gdbserver (contribution from Anna)
- Support for OS-Awareness (based planned GDB feature)
- Support for Global-Breakpoints (based on planned GDB feature)
- Support for Static-Tracepoints
- Support for Fast-Dynamic-Tracepoint
- Better tracepoint visualization support (based on planned GDB feature)
- Support for Core-Awareness
- Support for GDB Checkpoints
- Live code patching
- Multi-context investigation/implementation
- Last few CDI-parity issues

Contributions from the community could of course make this list increase.

Also, we are interested in joining efforts with PTP which I believe, is also
planning a lot of debug work for their next release.  Something to discuss
that the CDT summit.

Is there a wiki page for "What's coming to CDT 8.0"?



On 21/06/2010 10:39 AM, Doug Schaefer wrote:
Hey gang,

Now that Helios is almost out the door, it's time to think of the CDT
summit. For those who have never been to one, the Summit is where the
contributors to the CDT come together and talk about what each other
is doing and to discuss common areas and make some decisions on
technical direction. And we often slip in a little process talk as
well, like API guidelines and such.

I was thinking first half of September to catch us early in the cycle
and to avoid other conferences that happen at the end of Sept. The
Ericsson guys are very interested in hosting it in Montreal at their
offices there. It's somewhere new for us. We also talked about Toronto

So to start the discussion, I'd like to get a show of hands on who
would be able to attend in either location and whether you had a
preference on location and date. Remote connectivity is available in
both locations for those who can't make it, but you'll be missing on
the interactivity that make these things important to attend.

BTW, this also includes the PTP and Linux Tools people. I want us to
start working closer together and having them at the summit (which
they often do anyway when they can) would help with that.

At any rate, please go ask your bosses and let us know, either here or
to me privately. I'd like to make a call on this by the end of this

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