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[cdt-dev] Error logged from Debug Core when I run my executable

We have been getting the following exception logged in the Error log for some time when we run a Linux Autotools project executable from the Binaries folder using "Run as C/C++ application". I choose gdb/mi when prompted and get:

Error logged from Debug Core read error
at org.eclipse.cdt.utils.spawner.SpawnerInputStream.read0(Native Method)
at at org.eclipse.debug.internal.core.OutputStreamMonitor.access$1( at org.eclipse.debug.internal.core.OutputStreamMonitor$

The executable runs fine.

This is happening with the current Helios RC2 package:

I have seen the same error reported a while back for PTP by Beth Tibbits but no real answer as to why it occurs and how to stop it.

As mentioned, the executable runs fine until completion and the error does not affect subsequent tasks/actions, but it would be nice to know why this is happening only for an Autotools project and not for a Managed Make project.

Any thoughts/ideas?

-- Jeff J.

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