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RE: [cdt-dev] RE: CApplicationLaunchShortcut and DSF debuggers

Hello Marc,

Thanks for the help.

Now the preferred delegate set in the workspace preferences is used when launching.

The only problem left is that the settings are not persisted across Eclipse sessions. The preferred launcher is always reset to GDB at startup.

Is this related to how CDebugCorePlugin.setDefaultLaunchDelegates() handles default selection?

I don't fully understand the code, but I am seeing that the launch configuration type is always returning a null preferred delegate (, line 447), even if a selection had been made at the previous Eclipse session.

This code is always invoked before the Default Launchers page is visualized or a launch attempt is made. Does it currently consider if there is a workspace preference for the delegate?


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Subject: [cdt-dev] RE: CApplicationLaunchShortcut and DSF debuggers

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> Subject: [cdt-dev] CApplicationLaunchShortcut and DSF debuggers
> Hello,
> I am trying to have CApplicationLaunchShortcut generate a launch
> configuration for our DSF debugger integration. Our debugger is using
> CDT's "Local C/C++ Application" launch config type, using a custom
> delegate.
> When generating a launch configuration from scratch, it seems that
> CApplicationLaunchShortcut will consider our DSF debugger only via a
> dummy org.eclipse.cdt.debug.core.CDebugger ext point declaration, also
> using a companion org.eclipse.cdt.debug.ui.CDebuggerPage to provide
> defaults for the generated launch configuration (see
> CApplicationLaunchShortcut.createConfiguration() ).
> Is this the way to do it, or am I missing something? 

That is how we used to do it for DSF-GDB as well.
Recent changes have cleaned that up and we no longer make
use of org.eclipse.cdt.debug.core.CDebugger or
You can look at the changes made in

> Should the
> CApplicationLaunchShortcut consider the available launch delegates
> instead of ICDebugger s?

The CApplicationLaunchShortcut no longer needs to deal with launch
delegates (since 10 minutes ago) as fixed by
Instead, the preferred launch delegate will be set based
on the global platform preference.

As for the ICDebugger part, the CApplicationLaunchShortcut class
still needs to choose the proper debugger type (e.g. gdb/mi or gdbserver)
but this is for CDI only.  We should avoid running this code for DSF.
I have opened a bug about that

I think our 'shared' launch story is in better shape now.
Please report any issues you may find.


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