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Re: [cdt-dev] Multi-core debugging with CDI

> Is the launch configuration the only resource that your sessions share? If
> so, we can synchronize the access to the working copy.

Thanks Mikhail. I believe it is the only resource yes.  It probably
requires synchroniziing on the LaunchConfiguration (if this is a safe
thing to do) as the working copies are unique.

I just managed to confused myself, but I I'm slowly re-remembering how
this fits together.
I confused the Managers & the C*Manager which are very different
hierarchies.  As I understand it each CDebugTarget has an underlying
ICDITarget tied to the single ICDISession for the launch. Even thought
Session is explicitly tied to one MISession (and the constructor
requires an MISession), what I've actually done is create N Sessions,
pull the targets out of all but one of them and add them all to one
the first Session.
I can't quite work out why I did this rather than keeping the targets
separate in the separate sessions. I guess it was because my
ICDIDebugger#createSession returns a single ICDISession.

Out of interest, why do we store Memory blocks and Global variables in
the launch? This causes deltas in launches in a central repository,
shouldn't these settings be stored somewhere in the local metadata?


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