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[cdt-dev] huge source file and mark occurrences

I have a huge source file that was the subject of this bug:
As long as I have semantic highlighting of overloaded operators off, I've been able to browse the file with acceptable performance without resorting to scalability mode.  Recently I ran into another problem: when I click on the constructor (specifically the name after the ::), a worker thread goes off to the compute the occurrences that should be marked, e.g., part of the thread trace from jconsole:
This takes about 15 minutes to run and locks the AST in the meantime.
Should this be something that is also turned off when semantic highlighting of overloaded operators is also turned off, or is it something completely different?  Currently I can only disable this by checking "Disable editor live parsing" in the Scalability preferences (apart from disabling "Mark Occurrences" completely).
Steve Kennedy

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