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[cdt-dev] symbols can't be added

I want to add the symbols defined in my own makefile. I tried do below and no symbol is added sucessfully :
for (IProject project : projects) {
prjDesc = CoreModel.getDefault().getProjectDescription(project);
ICConfigurationDescription[] descs = prjDesc.getConfigurations();
for(ICConfigurationDescription desc : descs){
            IConfiguration iConfig = ManagedBuildManager.getConfigurationForDescription(desc);            
            ITool[] tools =  iConfig.getToolChain().getTools();
            IOption newSymbol = null;
            for(ITool tool : tools){
             newSymbol =tool.createOption(null,"symbolTestName",null,false);
try {
} catch (BuildException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block

How to add symbols exactly? any help?

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