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Re: [cdt-dev] building projects prior to a launch

+1. I was suggesting to do the same when James (I think) brought it up
awhile ago. I should be up to project builder to decide what to do
with dependencies.

On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 7:43 PM, John Cortell <rat042@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> When building before launching, CDT tries to build not only the project
> reference in the launch configuration but also any projects that that
> project references (and so on down the chain). That just doesn't seem right
> to me, simply because the relationship between such projects is inadequately
> defined. The relationships are made possible by the platform[1] and the
> platform is clueless with regards to CDT's concept of build configurations.
> So while the platform lets us say that project A references project B, it
> doesn't allow us to say that {projectA, configuration 'Debug'} references
> {project B, configuration 'Debug'}. And without that sort of more detailed
> relationship, I think it's pointless to try to initiate a build of all
> projects referenced by A.  Doing so will initiate a build of B but it will
> build whatever configuration is active for that project, and it's luck if
> that happens to be the appropriate one.
> So, my suggestion is to simply build the project referenced in the launch
> configuration, and specifically the build configuration specified in the
> launch configuration, and to hell with any projects that such project
> references :-) This until we come up with a way to more precisely tie two
> CDT projects.
> A compromise may be to consider that all referenced projects might have
> configurations of the same name, and build the specified configuration where
> available, otherwise whichever one is active for the project. I really don't
> like this since it provides expected behavior for people who use consistent
> configuration names in all their projects, but different behavior for
> others.
> Thoughts?
> John
> [1] See project Properties > Project References
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