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[cdt-dev] Extending exportArtifactInfo in Configuration class



I am implementing a toolchain using CDT which involves adding a build stage that combines multiple ELFs in to a final image. To do this I have defined a project type for building individual ELFs which looks very similar to the standard GNU toolchain (compiler, assembler, linker) and then a second project type that represents the stage of combining ELFs together (a toolchain with a single custom utility).


I intend on using project references to describe which project outputs should used as inputs to the final image.


To make this work with the minimum user effort I’m trying to create external settings so that I can pass the names of the artifacts from each referenced project, to the top level project. This kind of feature is implemented for shared libraries and static libraries in exportArtifactInfo in the Configuration class.  I have not been able to find any way of extending this so that I can export settings for other project types.


Could anyone suggest how I might achieve this? At the very least I believe I would need to hook in whenever a change is made to the name or extension of an artifact.


Thanks in advance.



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