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RE: [cdt-dev] Use Inspector Debug Hover

I had some people tell me they didn't like the fancy hover.
They felt it was too heavy and cumbersome.  I'm sure they
are the minority so I added that checkbox with a default
to be having the fancy hover enabled.

Feel free to rename the preference is you find it
is not clear.
And I won't fight too hard if you insist on removing it,
although I don't find it hurts anyone to have it, but only
gives more choice to a user.


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Use Inspector Debug Hover
> The dsf-gdb preference page has the checkbox
>     Use Inspector Debug Hover
> When this is checked, the user is given a fancier hover control when 
> debugging, though the checkbox label really doesn't convey that (it 
> should). My question is: why is this a preference? What's the use 
> case for someone wanting the "dull and boring" hover? :-)
> John
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