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[cdt-dev] Hudson builds of the CDT


At the CDT BoF at EclipseCon I said I'd set up a Hudson job for CDT
builds.  With Vivian's help, I was able to get it going.  You can see it

It currently polls CVS every 6 hours and does a build if there have been
changes.  I just wrapped the PDE Build like Vivian has done so there
shouldn't be any surprises.  Really, I didn't do much as Vivian and
others have a good build setup already :)  There are some oddities with
test results but Charley Wang has looked into it and has a proposed fix
which he's going to file in a bug.

There are many possibilities for adding more jobs for other branches or
setting up triggers on builds of dependencies, etc.  The one thing to
note is that the user that runs the Hudson setup does not have
permissions to touch CVS so for now these builds are just untagged HEAD
builds.  Git will avoid this problem but in the meantime I think the CDT
community will likely be best served by a combination of these nightly
builds and Vivian's signed release builds.

I hope the CDT community finds this useful.  Don't hesitate to ask
questions or request other features.  I set Vivian and Doug as those who
can modify the job but others can easily be added to the list.


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