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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT for Windows, launching, and Wascana

I actually think there is another environment, the environment for the application being debugged, which is separate from the environment of the debugger itself. And it seems it's the application environment that DSF/GDB sets from the environment tab. But that doesn't help find the debugger, which almost always should be run in the same environment as the build.

BTW, the bug is here:


On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 6:40 PM, Treggiari, Leo <leo.treggiari@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As I reported in the bug I raised, my biggest issue is ensuring we have the same environment for firing up the debugger than we do for the build.


By “environment” you mean the settings of environment variables (e.g. the executable PATH)?  It’s interesting to note that Visual Studio has the notion of 3 different environments:

  • The environment of the Visual Studio process itself
  • The environment for a build
  • The environment for debugging


The environment for Visual Studio itself is defined by whatever process launches Visual Studio.  

The build environment comes from Tools -> Options (i.e. user-wide) settings for <= VS 2008.  For VS 2010, the build environment comes from the selected “toolset”.  That can be overridden if you specify the /useenv option when launching Visual Studio.  In that case the Visual Studio environment is used as the build environment.

The debug environment is the Visual Studio environment, but can be modified in the Debugger property pages.


So, you’re saying for CDT, the default debugging environment should be the same as the build environment?  And those settings will come from the same builder extensibility mechanisms where the environment can be modified per toolchain?  Also the user gets to override these settings in their build configuration, right?  What environment is currently used by default in Eclipse for debugging?  The Eclipse process environment?




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Wascana is alive and well. It'll be ready to beta by M7. It's currently sitting on a secret site that I'm a beta tester for which should become public by then (I hope). If you promise to keep the secret, I'll forward you the link privately ;). I'll make that offer to the other committers too. We can help test the site.


As I reported in the bug I raised, my biggest issue is ensuring we have the same environment for firing up the debugger than we do for the build.



On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 6:02 PM, <ken.ryall@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


In the next couple weeks I want to start looking at the out of the box launch experience for someone who downloads CDT for Windows.

There has been some discussion about this and a few relevant bugs but I’d like to step back and look at it fresh from start to finish.

So my first question is, what’s the status of Wascana? I’m planning to skip over the issue of how people who download CDT for Windows get Wascana, assuming we’ll tackle that separately. So since it sounds like you have been doing some new work on Wascana I wanted to see if there is there a new update site I can pull it from?

Thanks - Ken

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