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RE: [cdt-dev] editing register groups

Title: Re: [cdt-dev] editing register groups

+1 for assigning a low priority to this.  It’s nice to have, but not necessary.


In fact, I just tried this on CDI-GDB and it’s not working very well.  The newly added register groups don’t show up until I launch a subsequent debug session!

This feature also doesn’t support drag-and-drop, which I think it should.  In any case, I don’t think it was used very often so assigning it a low priority makes sense.


- Navid


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I noticed that too, I agree it’s nice to keep track of but not required for now.

- Ken

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Subject: [cdt-dev] editing register groups

235747 was opened as a DSF-GDB parity issue and it is currently in the high-priority bucket. The description states:This is not necessarily very practical but for feature equivalence, DSF-GDB should implement it.

I suspect that is correct--that editing register groups is a rarely used feature of the CDT debugger (CDI-GDB). If that's true, then this issue should be lowered in priority, as per the discussions we've had on this topic recently. If you know people are using it, or are very confident they are, please speak up.

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