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RE: [cdt-dev] Support for "target-detach" and "target-disconnect"

But for CDI, what you sugggest (so I understand), is that the Eclipse 'disconnect' button,
will always call GDB's 'disconnect' command (instead of calling 'detach' which it does right now).
And to call GDB's 'detach' there will be a new view-menu action called 'detach'.

If so, someone is going to write a new DSF-GDB parity bug which will say we don't behave
like CDI.  And I'm going to blow a fuse :-)

But seriously, I can see that there is a use-case for 'disconnect' and that the fact that the eclipse
button is called 'disconnect' causes a problem.  There is no way to 'retarget' the name  to 'detach'?

At this time, I find that having 'disconnect' on the toolbar is less useful than having 'detach', especially
for multi-process.


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Thanks to Pedro the difference is clear now.
> So what is the final proposal?
One option is to change the CDI implementation only by adding the
"Detach" action to debug.mi.core and debug.mi.ui plugins. You can leave
the DSF/GDB implementation as it is, but at some point you will have to
make a decision.


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