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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT View - execute a GDB command?

You have two possible example types: the older way using CDI, or the newer way using DSF.

Which integration are you using? And which version of CDT (are you using HEAD?)

If in HEAD, for DSF you can look at how we use
The methods in there are called to create MI commands and you can follow
when they are created and how they are sent.  It's not trivial, but
once you get it, it becomes second nature.

For CDI you can look at


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] CDT View - execute a GDB command?
> I'm trying to add a custom view to CDT, and as part of this I 
> want to send a
> custom command to GDB (the MI command "-gdb-version").  Is 
> there a sample,
> example, tutorial, or any other documentation/hint on how to 
> do this?  If
> not, can anyone provide a hint to a beginner?
> Thanks,
> 	-- Steve G.
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