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RE: [cdt-dev] DSF (GDB only?) question: Can an IExpressionDMC beaparent of another IExpressionDMC

> The parent-child relationship is queried from the service.  The view model
> uses this to build the tree structure.  See service method IExpressions.
> getSubExpressions(IExpressionDMContext,...) which returns the children of
> the given expression.
> So with the current DSF-GDB implemention, as far as I understand, you can
> ask for the children of an expression, but not for the parent of an
> expression.  As Marc pointed out, you can get the parent through the
> expression sting (i.e. f.a, f.b).
> I think you do have a valid point about specifying IExpressionDMContext as
> parent element of other IExpressionDMContexts.  However, I don't think
> there are any limitations with the current implementation.
So, your proposal would be to parse the expression string (e.g. for the dots '.') in order to find the parent expression? I would consider this very dangerous. I think with the pretty printers in gdb I cannot exclude that there is not "." in the child name.


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