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RE: [cdt-dev] Clarification about ShowFullPath action

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> Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Clarification about ShowFullPath action
> Marc,
> I would expect to have a global preference and then one per view.

But then everything would be in preference right?
Either we would remove the menu action from the views, or we would
have to tie the state of that action with the preference.
Having the two things set differently brings a certain randomness
to the option.

> Currently I have to turn off the "Show full path" option in the Debug 
> view every time I start a new session.

When you say new session, I assume you mean a new eclipse session.
I've noticed that too.  I believe this is a bug.  Try this:
- turn off 'show full path' in preferences->C/C++->Debug
- turn off 'show full path' in the debug view
- set 'show full path' to whatever you want in the breakpoints view.

For me, that fixes the problem.

So, about the functionality is that we want this to be configurable
per view, and persistant, right?
The current problem with this now, is the fact that we also have
a preference setting.  If we removed it, I believe things would work

Another possibility (and I wondered if that was not the intent all along)
would be to use the "preferences->C/C++->Debug->show full path" only
when opening a view.  But I think that is such a rare case, it may not
be necessary.


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