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[cdt-dev] Possible to use the qtc-debugging-helper (Either DSF/CDI)

I do a bunch of Qt programming and I prefer to use Eclipse CDT to do my programming. The major hurdle that I have currently is trying to debug Qt based code. Due to the design of the Qt classes when trying to get the "value" of things like a QString gdb will just send back a pointer address that isn't really helpful. With Qt-Creator the engineers at Nokia have implemented the qtc-debugging-helper library which your project can link against.

What I was wondering would be what type of code updates to CDT (Either in CDI or DSF) would have to go into place in oder to effectively use the code contained in the qtc-debugging-helper library? Looking through the qtc-debugging-helper library it seems there are "pretty-printers" for the Qt Classes which can then be piped back to the IDE making the request to display more helpful values of a class rather then the internal pointer.

I am motivated enough to start hacking in CDT to at least figure out if this type of thing is even possible. Even better would be some help from Nokia to point me in the right direction ;-) ***

Mike Jackson            
Principal Software Engineer       mike.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
BlueQuartz Software               Dayton, Ohio

*** I know this is basically helping out a rival product (QtCreator vs Eclipse CDT) but I think would still be seen as a Win-Win for all parties.

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