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[cdt-dev] DSF-GDB feature-parity status

I believe API freeze is this Friday March 12th.  Keep that in mind when planning when to fix your bugs :-)
Since the last update the following has happened:
After the CDT conference call, DSF-GDB was made the default CDT debugger in HEAD.
This will help increase visibility right away and allow for more usage on different environments.
Before the Helios release, we will revisit this, to make sure there are no major issues.
Also, DSF-GDB gained:
o Proper thread handling when not dealing with LWP threads (Randy)
o Variable view uses the nice little icons (Pawel)
o Making breakpoint commands while the target is running (me)
o All known Mac issues have been resolved 
Also, John has been making the JUnit test more stable, as well as allowing
them to run on Windows.
Out of a total of 46 bugs to fix to reach CDI-feature-parity:
22 bugs have been completed
16 have been assigned to someone
8 are yet to be assigned

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