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[cdt-dev] LR parser and LPG version


I am experimenting with extending the new LR parser to recognize custom
extensions to the CDT language.

I can successfully build and run the checked out java files, but I am
not able to correctly generate them from the .g grammar files - the
files will contain syntax errors.

I checked out the following plugins from CVS


I also downloaded the LPG 1.1 distribution from sourceforge

in order to obtain the parser generator executable (lpg.exe).

I have set up the lpg_exe and lpg_template ant properties to point to
the lpg.exe and the org.eclipse.cdt.core.lrparser/grammar/templates
folder, respectively.

I can run the build.xml script and generate the java sources, but the
files created will contain syntax errors (like a "-a" instead of a "-1"
in parser tables). I have also tried to use the lpg executables 2.0 but
they will generate even more errors.

What is the lpg version which has been used to build the parser sources
in the lrparser plugin?

Thanks for your help,


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