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Re: [cdt-dev] Seneca professor having trouble with CDT

Hi Charley

> Run this line:
> xterm -title "debugger terminal" -e /bin/sh -c "tty; sleep 3600" &
> In the xterm window there will be a line indicating the terminal device
> of the xterm.
> Run this line:
> echo "tty /dev/pts/X" > /path/to/CDT/project/.gdbinit
> (Replacing X with the actual terminal device returned by xterm). Now when
> you debug the program in Eclipse the output should be sent to the xterm
> instead of the console.
> -Charley

Thank you very much for sharing this.

I've been wondering how to this for a long time as well.
All I found that time was a thread telling that they chose Netbeans for
exactly this reason.

I hope you don't mind me having added this tip to the wiki:

It really was a missing piece of information.

Marc Weber

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