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[cdt-dev] Debugger tabs activate/deactivate methods


I was working on some contrived defaulting logic in debugger, and run into what
seems a problem with CDT. 

At present, all tabs of C launch configurations are extending AbstractLaunchConfigurationTab,
which has this code:

	public void deactivated(ILaunchConfigurationWorkingCopy workingCopy) {

It appears that *most* of configuration tabs actually used in CDT override
that method with an empty one. In particular, see:

	- CommonTab.deactivated
    - RefreshTab.deactivated
    - EnvironmentTab.deactivated

Some tabs do not, including both the CMainTab and CDebuggerTab. If I understand
correctly, the above definition of deactivated would only matter if a tab has
failed to call updateLaunchConfigurationDialog when the user changes something --
and in that case we already have a bug that 'deactivated' cannot fix. So,
deactivated only servers to complicate the logic, without solving any problem.

So, why don't we define deactivated as empty method of *all* tabs used in CDT?
Specifically, I propose defining that method as empty in CLaunchConfigurationTab.

Comments? The actual patch is trivial, but I wanted to get feedback first.


Vladimir Prus
(650) 331-3385 x722

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