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[cdt-dev] DSF-GDB feature-parity status

Hi all,

Here's the status of the DSF-GDB feature-parity effort after one week.

I've added a 'Bugs completed' section to the wikipage:

Out of a total of 40 bugs to fix to reach CDI-feature-parity

8 bugs have been completed
21 have been assigned to someone
11 are yet to be assigned

I think this is very encouraging and I hope to see more bugs disappearing as the days go by.

Things that are now available in HEAD are:

- RunToLine, MoveToLine and ResumeAtLine are all supported (including the DSF-Disassembly view)
- Fixed the use of run control commands from the gdb console
- Details of variables as well as pretty-printing (when available) are now being displayed



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