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[cdt-dev] DSF-GDB JUnit tests


as many people are working on DSF-GDB feature-parity bugs, I thought I should mention the JUnit tests.

I wrote a wiki description of these tests under
CDT wiki -> Component Documentation -> DSF-GDB (under Debug)

These tests support testing with gdb 6.6 to 7.0 and with gdbservser.
They've only been run on Linux.  It may work on Windows or Mac, but it was never attempted.

Quickly to run specific tests with gdb 6.8:

1- you need to check out org.eclipse.cdt/dsf-gdb/org.eclipse.cdt.tests.dsf.gdb
2- Make sure you have 'gdb.6.8' in your PATH 
3- Launch "Junit Plug-in Test" with org.eclipse.cdt.tests.dsf.gdb.tests.tests_6_8.Suite_6_8

As of this morning (Feb 10th), with HEAD all these tests passed (128 tests).

(The gdb 6.6 have failures and the gdb 7.0 need some updating because of Multi-process support)

Questions welcome


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