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[cdt-dev] RE: Fixing some Debug feature-parity bugs

I can look into Bug 300096 [expressions][run control][cdi] "DSF is missing certain debug actions from editor's context menu".  Most of the actions specified in this bug are being covered by bugs 249165, 249162, and 274951.  I can implement the 'Run to Line' action.

Navid Mehregani
Texas Instruments

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Subject: [cdt-dev] Fixing some Debug feature-parity bugs

(I had sent this to cdt-debug-dev by mistake)


recent email discussions about the CDT's default debugger integration
has led to the fact that it would be nice to switch the default to
DSF-GDB for Helios, but that we need to get closer to feature-parity
with CDI-GDB.

We also agree that new debugging features are not going to be
done for CDI, so I think we need to start building momentum for DSF-GDB
so as to get more contributions and get the whole CDT debugging to continue
getting more new features.  This will also benefit any DSF-based integration
as DSF will be given more attention.

So, let's take the bull by the horns and get some feature-parity bugs fixed.
The bugzilla list of 29 bugs is shown below, taken from

If we want to actually see some progress, we need people to reply to this mail
an agree to take care of some bugs, even if only a single one to start.

I'll get the ball rolling by committing to fix the following 7 bugs myself: [breakpoints] [cdi] While GDB is running, we cannot make breakpoint commands [menu][memory][cdi] Add a menu action to open memory view for a given variable. [run control][cdi] Add support for "Set PC to here" operation. [run control][cdi] Add support for "Resume at Line" action [detail][cdi] Add support for alternative expression evaluation in detail pane. [variables][cdi] Variables view should allow variables to be cast to a type. [launch][cdi] Support Environment tab in local launch

These as the other filled bugs about feature-parity that others should look at: [breakpoints][cdi] Support "Event' Breakpoints. [menu][breakpoints][cdi] Add support for toggling watchpoints in the variables and expressions views. [breakpoints][cdi] - Add support pending breakpoints introduced in GDB 6.8. [console][cdi] Inferior does not print to console when a PTY is not available [symbols][cdi] Integrate symbols service with CDT modules view. [registers][cdi] Allow user to edit the register groups. [variables][cdi] Ehance variables view for feature parity with CDT. [launch][cdi] Add a JTAG-specific launch. [signals][cdi] Add support for the Signals view. [signals][cdi] Add support for "Resume without signal" action. [cdi] Add Watch action to C/C++ Editor [debug view] [cdi] Add an option to show full paths for the stack frame source location.

I believe the ones below are not show-stoppers and therefore lower priority, but not everyone may agree with this: [console][cdi] Visible console should match debug selection [variables][expressions][cdi] In views, chirldren of arrays should be grouped when more than 100 [variables][cdi] Variables view should show globals (or should it?) [variables][cdi] Variables view should use icons to represent types. [launch][cdi] Refresh project when launch process terminates [variables][cdi] In no-columns mode, it's impossible to change the a variable's value. [debug view] [cdi] Inferior should be visible, and shown terminated in post mortem launch [variables][cdi] wrong display of variable values with GDB DSF [expressions][run control][cdi] DSF is missing certain debug actions from editor's context menu [console] [cdi] Allow to save console to a file

Who's up for the challenge?

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