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Re: [cdt-dev] About default debuggers, etc

219203 	Variables view should allow variables to be cast to a type
Especially displaying pointers as arrays is an absolute need for me.

249162 Add support for "Set PC to here" operation. ("Run to Line")
That is a very handy feature.

299300 	Number formats should not be sorted alphabetically.
275238  Pretty print stl gdb and eclipse cdt don't play well
Pretty printing of e.g. STL strings works in principle with GDB 7.0. There are 
only some minor glitches (see the bug descriptions).
> [Dominique Toupin] Everyone seem to agree we need to switch from CDI-GDB to
>  DSF-GDB, what are the bugs that would prevent the switch? We can then
>  split them among us and do it before Helios, let's do it! Who can put
>  together the list bugs preventing the switch?

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