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RE: [cdt-dev] About default debuggers, etc

We are also interested in TCF, actually we did a few improvements that are now merged in the TCF repository (thanks to Michael Sills-Lavoie) e.g.:
 - TCF binary transfer;
 - allow TCF services to be distributed outside of the TCF source tree;
Those TCF additions allowed us to created a Linux tracing TCF agent, you can find a high level view at;a=blob_plain;f=arch_graph/lttng-arch.pdf

Regarding debug it would be nice to have gdbserver/GDB talk TCF, Ericsson alone might have a hard time convincing the GDB community but if we are a few we could come up we a good plan, if other are interested please let me know.

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> At 07:49 PM 2/4/2010, Doug Schaefer wrote:
> >I'd really like the Nokia gang to state what they think the strategy 
> >for EDC should be, or what they are intending it for since they are 
> >investing pretty heavily in it. The one thing I think is 
> firm is that 
> >it helps those who need to avoid GPL, and there is 
> commercial need for 
> >that from some vendors. As I also mentioned, I'm curious whether it 
> >would make implementing a JNI debug story more easily as we 
> have full 
> >control over what it's doing.
> Doug, EDC provides a DSF-based solution for TCF agents. The 
> hope is that TCF will end up being adopted widely as a 
> "standard" run-control API, allowing for easier integration 
> between silicon and tools vendors. Freescale is very 
> interested in this technology.
> John 
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