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RE: [cdt-dev] Launch


Sadly, PRecord is just for Linux (for now?)
I also tried using gdbserver on Linux with GDB on a windows host in hopes
of getting reverse debugging to work from a Windows host, but no luck.
I think most of the work for PRecord is being done by GDB and not gdbserver,
and that stuff is only supported on Linux.

But I think that MinGw GDB can give us at least the same level of debugging as what
can be done on Linux with CDI, so its still pretty good, even without Reverse
or Non-stop.


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On Thu, Feb 04, 2010 at 03:31:39PM -0500, Doug Schaefer wrote
> BTW, does the Windows gdb 7 support all the same fancy features as on Linux?
> In my early investigation of 7, there seemed to be some features that
> weren't supported.

Some yes, some no.  I think precord (reverse) will work, but I don't
remember anyone trying it on Windows.  Non-stop debug probably won't
work though.  Other things, like Python pretty-printing, depend on how
the GDB binary was built.

Daniel Jacobowitz
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