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[cdt-dev] Minutes from Feb CDT Call

As promised, here are the notes I captured. If you have any others, updates, or corrections, please add.

Attendees: Doug (Wind), John (Freescale), James (Broadcom), Jeff (Red Hat), Marc (Ericsson), Dobrin (TI), Ken (Nokia), Mikhail (ARM), Andrew G, Pawel (Wind), Vivian (IBM), Navid (TI), Baldazar (sp? TI), Randy (Wind), Chris (IBM), and two or three others that didn't announce themselves.

- Releases
  - CDT 7 Helios M5. We're a day late, but then so was the Platform, but it's up on the site now. Please test the C/C++ IDE EPP package when it's available. I'll post here as soon as it is.
  - CDT 6.0.2 for Galileo SR 2 RC2 is today. We have two more weeks until the final build of 6.0.2. Commit with caution.

- Mac Debug Patches
  - DSF ones getting applied but still some big issues. CDI seems more stable put patches aren't getting applied.
  - Ken Ryall will spend some cycles and get the CDI patches applied.
  - Few committers have Macs which is our biggest problem getting support for them. Not sure the solution.

- Debug Launch
  - We now have three launch frameworks - CDI, DSF/GDB, EDC
  - Which one should be the default? EDC is good for Windows, CDI is what people are used to, DSF/GDB is the future for GDB.
  - We will need to evaluate near the end of the release.
  - Good news is that the link to change the default is working well.

- Build
  - Andrew G working hard on patches
  - Doug is prototyping his dream build system
  - For CDT 8 we will focus on build and decide whether to switch to Doug's or migrate functionality from it to the existing system
  - In the meantime, need to keep working on CDT 7
  - Question on big patch to support hyperlinking in build console and how it relates to Doug's work with MessageConsole
    - Need everyone interested to evaluate the patch
    - Doug concerned about build performance, especially with the MessageConsole, but the new patch needs to be checked as well.

- EclipseCon
  - Not many of us will be there, but we will document what we do discuss for everyone to see.

- Doug is in a new role at Wind and has more time to spend on CDT and other Eclipse projects. Hope it helps.
  - Forgot to mention that I'm also running for the Eclipse Board again, I hope I can count on your vote :).


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