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RE: [cdt-dev] Performance issues with indexer/refresh on large scale project

Hi Achim,


I am also working on a big project ~30k files. In CDT 6 there are 2 indexing types: full / fast. On this project, fast indexing took about ~45 minutes, full indexer ~60 hours. Please refer to for details.


Which indexer are you using? In case you are using full indexer maybe you should try fast indexer instead.


Additional related bugs:





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Subject: [cdt-dev] Performance issues with indexer/refresh on large scale project


Hi all,

I'm running into serious performance problems with a ~40k files C++ project (standard make project on Solaris/Sparc with ClearCase as SCC). Importing and indexing the project takes hours, which is at least partly caused by a lot of unnecessary files being opened.


Three questions:

* How can I programmatically disable the automatic indexing for a period of time, and reenable it later (I found that it's faster to do a refresh without the indexer running, and doing a full indexer run afterwards)? I'd try to do that in a startup plugin, which would disable indexing, import the project, refresh everything, then run the indexer. Maybe that could speed up things...


* I would like to exclude a complete part of the project hierarchy from being seen by Eclipse and CDT. I thought the "filter" setting ("Source folder exclusion pattern") on the CDT source folders property page would do just that, but no. I excluded the "test/" folder and some others with the filter, now it is no longer shown in the project explorer. But monitoring the system with Solaris dtrace shows that the whole <projectroot>/test folder hierarchy is still scanned (stat system call) during a refresh, and a lot of files there even get opened (Imakefiles, *.txt, *.xml). This is quite bad, as it contains 20k files that are only testcases and data stuff. Anything I can do?


* Is there any general guideline for setting up such a large scale project with CDT, anywhere?






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