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Re: [cdt-dev] Performance issues with indexer/refresh on large scale project

On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 10:07 AM, Bursian, Achim <achim.bursian@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,
I'm running into serious performance problems with a ~40k files C++ project (standard make project on Solaris/Sparc with ClearCase as SCC). Importing and indexing the project takes hours, which is at least partly caused by a lot of unnecessary files being opened.
Three questions:
* How can I programmatically disable the automatic indexing for a period of time, and reenable it later (I found that it's faster to do a refresh without the indexer running, and doing a full indexer run afterwards)? I'd try to do that in a startup plugin, which would disable indexing, import the project, refresh everything, then run the indexer. Maybe that could speed up things...
* I would like to exclude a complete part of the project hierarchy from being seen by Eclipse and CDT. I thought the "filter" setting ("Source folder exclusion pattern") on the CDT source folders property page would do just that, but no. I excluded the "test/" folder and some others with the filter, now it is no longer shown in the project explorer. But monitoring the system with Solaris dtrace shows that the whole <projectroot>/test folder hierarchy is still scanned (stat system call) during a refresh, and a lot of files there even get opened (Imakefiles, *.txt, *.xml). This is quite bad, as it contains 20k files that are only testcases and data stuff. Anything I can do?

This is actually the Eclipse Platform refreshing your project, not the CDT. This is one of the main drivers for the Flexible Resources feature coming in this year's train release, to cut down on what Eclipse sees in a project directory tree.
* Is there any general guideline for setting up such a large scale project with CDT, anywhere?

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