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Re: [cdt-dev] FW: Changing an interface signature for 6.1 in the MemoryBrowser importer/exporter

Hi Randy,
Since you want to make an API breaking change, my recommendation would be to bump up the major version of the memory plugin and component. The overall CDT project is moving the major version so there's no conflict there.


Rohrbach, Randy wrote:

    I sent this out yesterday, but did ot get any comments back. So I am
resending it again
    to make sure it did not get lost in the shuffle.

    There is a bugzilla defect 299945 ( )
    which complains about the lack of retention of the entered dialog
information. You keep needing to reenter some informational fields when the dialog is
brought up.

    The submitter ( Teodor Madan ) provided a patch which resolved most
of the issues. I added
    to it and put another patch back on the defect.

The issue is that Teodor changed a signature definition
public Control createControl(Composite parent, IMemoryBlock memBlock,
IDialogSettings properties, ExportMemoryDialog parentDialog);

    for the properties parameter this used to be a pure Properties
parameter. In the original
    code Ted just allocated a dummy and passed it in. Teodor changed it
to be an IDialogSettings
    entry so he could use the standard dialog settings persistence of a
plugin. This seems like
    a pretty good idea to me as opposed to inventing some new form of
persistence. But it does
    change the signature from an API perspective.

    I am under the impression that the only importers/exporters around
are the ones included in
    the standard CDT code. So instead of creating a "2" version of the
interface and changing to
    fit that style for backward compatibility ( which of course is
doable ), I am asking anyone
    if they object to this interface change.

    Please let me know.


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