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Re: [cdt-dev] Do we really need a refresh in Debug View?

I agree with you.  This is a DSF-specific action and when we first introduced the feature I suggested that we tie this action to the Debug Update Modes action set.  However others thought that this is useful general, as in some cases especially when working with GDB < v7, the thread list can get out of sync with the debug engine.

As far as the restart action, IMO this action also doesn't belong in the toolbar and it certainly could use a better icon, since this is  the standard refresh icon used throughout Eclipse.

Bugs on both would be helpful to further the discussion.


Mehregani, Navid wrote:

Do we really need a refresh button in Debug view? I think Debug view should automatically refresh when need be.

To make things more confusing, this button uses the same icon as restart button.  Can I submit a Bugzilla and patch to remove this button?


If there is a good reason for this button, please enlighten us.





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