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[cdt-dev] building the CDT

Sorry for beginners question, but I want to be sure I'm in the right direction.

During the development process I was running the CDT from eclipse as
eclipse application.
I understand that if I want to run CDT without running it from another
instance of eclipse,
I have to build it with org.eclipse.cdt.releng scripts. But is that
the only way?
For example, can't I just choose export and then select to create
deployable plugins or
eclipse product?

In case the answer to the previous question is negative and the only
resort is to use the org.eclipse.cdt.releng build scripts , how can I
avoid fetching files from CVS server that is performed by
org.eclipse.cdt.releng? I understand that I can refer in to my
CVS repository that contains my version of CDT sources, but is there
exists an easier way to build CDT from the sources that are located on
my HD without setting up CVS and rewriting


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