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Re: [cdt-dev] Pretty printer bug number

On Saturday 09 January 2010 04:36:35 Terry Parker wrote:

> > Actually, MI does support pretty-printing but it requires some special
> > request from DSF-GDB to turn this on.
> > I don't think it would be very hard, but I've been so busy with so many
> > other things that I didn't have time to figure
> > out what those MI changes are.  They are all documented in GDB... Someone
> > just needs to take the time to read it and digest it.
> > If someone from the community could try making some headway on it, that
> > would speeds things up.
> >
> In my emails with Tom Tromey, my understanding is that only a subset of the
> MI commands understand how to do pretty printing.  So if you ask a vector
> how many children it has, it reports the number of elements contained in the
> vector, and if you then -var-list-children for the number of children
> returned, you get an index exception because that command returns the raw
> implementation information, and a vector typically has a single child, its
> implementation class.  Fixing this problem looks like a lot of effort in
> GDB.

That sounds really strange. I am unaware of any such limitation, and further,
KDevelop displays vectors just fine, using MI commands, with GDB 7.0.
Tom, do you happen to know something I don't?

- Volodya

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