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Re: [cdt-dev] How to build OS X Version of CDT

I actually just took a look at my Eclipse Distribution (OS X) noticed the "Dropins" directory. So that is "new to me". I guess I'll google a bit to investigate how I should use that.

Also, who does the build of CDT for OS X? Wouldn't mind talking to that person to see what their environment is like so I can try an replicate it here.
Mike Jackson                  mike.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

On Jan 5, 2010, at 8:36 AM, Marc Khouzam wrote:


although P2 is somewhat obscure to me, I'm pretty sure the 'dropins' directory is the P2 way of 'droping in' plugins. We used to be able to use the 'plugins' directory
directly, but that no longer works with P2.


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Actually, there are a number of documented versions of
getting this to work in the eclipse interwebs, but none of
them wfm. I always do:

- checkout cvs and compile,
- export into running application.

For me, this has been the ONLY way of getting any plugin to
work. I believe the dropins, plugins and whatever directories
are legacy and only exist to confuse and scare away noobs
like us... ;)


Am 04.01.2010 um 21:46 schrieb Michael Jackson:

So I have all the OS X patches up and working and I would
like to actually build a local CDT installation for my own
use. I tried following the directions at
but choice (a) gave an error "Unable to find plug-in:
org.eclipse.cdt.dsf_0.0.0. Please check the error log for
more details.". If I look down all the projects that were
checked out, I am not seeing any dsf type of projects.

I tried the org.eclipse.cdt.releng directory by "cd'ing"
into that directory and issuing the "ant" command but that
just produced more errors.

Any gentle nudges in the proper direction would be much appreciated.

Mike Jackson                  mike.jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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