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[cdt-dev] GnuMakefileGenerator generates wrong(?) rules for referenced configurations

I have a c++ project that gives references to  a configuration of another project. When I build the project, it gives errors to makefile.
In makefile; the referenced configuration is added to the final target's (myproject.exe: ) dependencies row like:
myproject.exe: $(OBJS) $(USER_OBJS) C:\Workspace\refProject2\debug\refProject.exe
"multiple target patterns" error is given for this row.
And also reference configuration is added an empty target in makefile like;
It gives "target patterns contains no %" error for this empty target.
I tried to write a makefilegenerator that extends the GnuMakefileGenerator to change these rules and add some others but addTargets() method in populateTopMakefile() is private and it calls some other private methods.

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