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Re: [cdt-dev] mach-o 64 parser

How many of those patches are in the nightly builds?

Bugs 265483, 269838, 294538 are probably the most critical in my opinion. That would give OS X users fast launching of the debugger, Multi-threaded debugging and actually being able to stop GDB.

At this point, I use Eclipse as a glorified Editor and compiler, but switch to Xcode for debugging, or Visual Studio if I happen to be running Windows. QtCreator is fast moving up the list because it can visualize the Qt stuff that I am writing.

Where would I go to read about setting up my own build of CDT so I can try out some of the patches?

Mike Jacksosn

On Dec 22, 2009, at 9:29 PM, Marc-Andre Laperle wrote:

Hi Parya,

The new Mach-O parser is available in CDT 6.0.2 and 6.1 (aka 7.0). You can get either of them from the nightly builds. With one of these, when you create a project with the MacOS toolchain, it will use the new Mach-O parser.

For 6.0.2

For 6.1 (7.0)

You should also know that debugging has several problems on Mac but it will hopefully improve soon as there are some patches pending. You might want to follow some of the bugs so here's the list of Mac OS bugs.


On 09-12-22 9:04 PM, Parya Momayyezsiahkal wrote:

Hello all,

I have been using eclipse for a while on a Linux machine for writing c++ codes. Recently, I just switched to a 64 bit mac osx snow leopard. However, I noticed that the mach-o parser does not recognize the 64 bit executables.

Googling on the web, I came across the message board talking about a contribution of Mach-O binary parser for Mac 64 bit. However, I have no idea, where I can get that parser from, or how I am able to use it. I would appreciate if anyone can explain to me how I can make this work?

Thanks  alot,
Parya Momayyez_______________________________________________
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